Neta Ashuach, born in Israel 1968, uses unspun wool as her medium.
She creates three dimensional felt 'containers' and two dimensional airy sheets in
which movement is traced by varying the thickness of the material.
Neta was trained at the Kalisher School of Arts in Tel Aviv (1994)
graduate of the Anthroposophical Art Therapy program (Margarethe Hauschka Institute in
Bad-Boll, Germany-1988) 
and completed Hakomi Psychotherapy training, (Shiluv Center/ Israel 2015).
 Neta's work has been exhibited in Israel and abroad.
In her work, she emphasizes the somatic, nonverbal experience, and the
sensory presence. Her recent series is inspired by Moth larvae, which feed on
wool and the organic process of decomposition and recreation
She resides and works in Israel